Ph.D position - XXXV Cycle - 2019-2020

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The referred position is for a scholarship co-founded by the Physics Department of University of Calabria and IIT (Italian Institute of Technology).

The candidate will investigate the weak and strong interaction between new generation fluorophores (among which special consideration will be given to lead-halide and mixed organic/inorganic Perovskites) and metal/dielectric metastructures showing extreme optical parameters and anisotropies. The project foresees a multipronged approach starting from the investigation of the fundamental principles that govern this interaction to the application to a new kind of metamaterial based LED, LASERs and Photovoltaic cells. The candidate will move in a highly motivating and multifaceted framework constituted by experienced theoretical and experimetal scientists in the context of the joint partnership between University of Calabria and the Italian Institute of Technology. This grants state of the art clean-room, nanofabrication, nanolithigraphy and characterization facilities as well as high-level peer-tutoring. The candidate will also benefit of the possibility of spending a visiting period at the prestigious Molecular Foundry (Lawrence Berkely Laboratories) Institute. The ideal candidate is a highly motivated inquisitive-minded young scientist, holding experimental attitude and vivid interest in the field of optics, photonics, plasmonics, quantum mechanics and nanochemistry. Theoretical and simulation skills, as well as fluent English speaking and writing, will be considered a remarkable plus.

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